About Us

Our mission

Storific stemmed from a simple wish - The wish to simplify the process of ordering and paying for food & drinks.

Storific completely reinvented the whole ordering experience, taking advantage of today's mobile & social components. Our newly designed smart ordering companion opens the door to what ordering should be like. Making the entire ordering process as enjoyable as the order itself!

Storific is working in close relationship with various cafes, fast service restaurants, bars & clubs to answer their specific needs in terms of productivity, sales efficiency & customer service. This helped us create a unique and powerful tool that makes ordering kiosks a thing of the past! No hardware or software costs, no taking up space in point of sales & absolutely no waiting in lines in front of them!

We put the kiosk in each customer's pocket by giving them access to an establishment's menu from their phone, instantly allowing staff to remotely monitor mobile orders & offering secure, low cost and immediate payments through PayPal.

The Team

  • Michael Cohen

    CEO & Founder

    Michael is a passionate tech entrepreneur. Following his MBA from ISM Paris, Michael served as business developer EMEA for Netvibes.com, where he successfully established and managed over 150 strategic partnerships closed with leading European medias. Michael dedicates himself on his #1 priority: Customers & Users. Perfectionist, you'll often hear him say: "Customers will love that feature...but let's do it even better!”. As a result, you’ll not be surprised to hear that all Storific team members are working on Apple computers ;)

  • Jeremy Trufier

    CTO, developer ninja

    Jeremy is the Storific technical chief orchestrator, the goal setter and the team coordinator. His curiosity & love for the latest technologies make him a perfect "swiss knife" in various tech areas. Jeremy graduated with a Master's Degree in computer sciences and has an impressive track record of various hacks, web & iOS apps. During his free time, you can find him on the road with his motorcycle or...

  • Kyle Eren Cornelius

    COO Biz Dev, the motivation-dude

    Kyle is the genius behind Storific's business development. He believes in working hard, playing harder and always staying positive. You will find him traveling, helping others enjoy life and watching sports. C'est la vie.

  • Zachary Stovall

    CMO Biz Dev

    Zachary is a forward-looking entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas. An experienced business developer, his ventures span from importing different perishable commodities from Latin America to innovating in the tech world. Zachary, a true optimist, believes in the power of unwavering passion and positivity. You’ll never hear a negative word from his mouth and you’ll always find him with a smile on his face.

  • Lucian Cocan Marius

    iOS Chief Developer, Cocoa wizard

    Lucian is part of the iOS guru tribe behind the Storific iPhone app. Lucian is a passionate who always strives for perfection. His passion for clean UX made him start iOS development in the early iPhone days. Before Storific, Lucian participated in various apps developments including various #1 hits in app stores. Lucian graduated with a Master's Degree in computer science.

  • Ovidiu Latcu

    Android Chief Developer

    Ovidiu is the Android leader, always ready to tackle any task at a moments notice! Never backing down from a challenge, he strives everyday to make life better for those with Android devices. With many years of Android experience, he knows how to create the best of the best while still living the good life!

  • Damien Fayol

    Webapp Developer, Javascript Specialist

    Damien is Storific's front end master & node.js fanatic. Real time and crazy effects bear no secret for him. When Damien is not tweaking, optimizing, or adding new features on Storific Pro, you will find him hanging out at local parks with his wife and son.

  • Dmitriy Kubyshkin

    Developer, Integration & FX master

    Dmitriy lives for a better web. Whenever he isn't polishing some part of user interface for Storific Pro, Dmitriy can be found tinkering with some fancy new pieces of web technology.

  • Dan Ionut Chis

    Developer, iOS Guru

    Dan is part of our iOS tribe behind the Storific app. His previous achievements include other major hits on app stores. Dan only believes in mobile and more specifically iOS. He enjoys more being involved in large scale services that benefit people and could change the world! Dan holds a Master's Degree in computer science.

  • Alex


    Alex is our latest member of the iPhone tribe. More than just a typical iDeveloper, he is an enthusiastic guy, problem solver & startup lover. Alex has a true passion for UX and details to create beautiful apps that stand out from the crowd!

  • Esteban Arango Medina


    Esteban is a Colombian from Envigado, Paisa!, animal lover, vegetarian and french student. He is a enthusiastic about everything related to web development, new technologies, programming challenges and Ultimate Frisbee. You can always find him playing around with Ruby and Javascript, listening Vallenato, looking for the latest Reggaeton hits and obviously throwing frisbee.


  • Kima Ventures

    Kima Ventures is one of the most active angel funds in the world. The fund was created in 2009 by Jeremie Berrebi & Xavier Niel (Founder & CEO of the French largest ISP, early investor in Square & Deezer). Kima Ventures invested in more than 90 companies in 16 countries. Portfolio companies includes Sparrow Mail, Song Pop, Rapportive...More info

  • Kirill Makharinsky

    Kirill is the Co-founder and President of Ostrovok.ru, the largest travel website in Russia. He is primarily responsible for the company's product and distribution. Previously Kirill co-founded Quid, the leading data provider on emerging businesses; and YouNoodle, the largest network for entrepreneurs worldwide. Both are funded by Founders Fund and Peter Thiel (the first investors in Facebook). Before that, he was an early employee at Slide, the pioneer of social network applications which was acquired by Google for $182M. Kirill graduated from Oxford University with a double first degree in Mathematics, and holds a patent for measuring and predicting the future performance of early-stage companies.

  • Jacques-Antoine Granjon

    Mr. Jacques-Antoine Granjon founded Vente-Privee.com and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Vente Privée pioneered the private flash sale for fashion and built it into a business that turned over $1 billion in 2010 and has over 1500 employees. Estimates put the company's value at $3 billion, making it the biggest private web company in Europe. His investments, among others, include the app recommendation engine AppsFire, and New York-based games studio Freshplanet.

Special thanks and past members

  • Enrique Arango Lyons

    Back-end developer
  • Juan Felipe Arango

    Back-end developer
  • Andrès Mejía

    Ex co-founder
  • Julien Renvoyer

  • Dolly

    Movie production
  • Trello

    Makes our life easier
  • Github

    Saves us a bunch of time
  • Spotify

    Productivity booster